The Invasive Species Research Conference is taking place June 20 - 22, 2017 at Thompson Rivers University in beautiful and sunny Kamloops BC. 

The Invasive Species Research Conference includes keynote speakers; concurrent themed sessions with the invitation for oral presentations; poster presentations; lightning talks; a focused, facilitated discussion on future research priorities for BC and a series of optional field trips in the Kamloops area.


We are excited to present two internationally renowned keynote speakers to launch the proceedings on day one and day two: Dr. Daniel Simberloff and Dr. Anthony Ricciardi.


The core component of this scientific conference is a series of concurrent themed sessions. We invite researchers and practitioners to submit additional poster presentations (oral abstract submission has now closed)


On day one, the Conference will feature a series of punchy, five-minute long presentations - be prepared! 


On day two of the Conference, participants will participate in a facilitated workshop with meaningful discussion about the future research priorities for invasive species research in BC in 2017 and beyond.


Conference attendees have the opportunity to register for optional field trips on the evening of Day One of the Conference (June 20th) and on June 22nd Day Three of the Conference. Scheduled field trips are:
•    June 20th Night Bat Field Trip: 

At 9 pm sharp, participants will depart TRU by bus to a rural location, approx 20 mins from Kamloops, where a colony of bats lives. Participants will be able to see bats flying at dusk, and will observe experts mist-netting and measuring bats. Bat detectors on site will also enable participants to hear the echolocation calls of bats. Participants will return by bus to TRU by approx 11:30 pm.

   June 22nd Lac du Bois Grasslands Protected Area & Kenna Cartwright Park Day Field Trip: 

Grasslands cover less than 1% of BC, house more than 30% of BC threatened or endangered species, and represent the most endangered ecosystem in Canada.

Lac Du Bois is a Provincially protected area approximately 16,000 ha located just north of Kamloops.  This area encompasses three types of grasslands communities and incorporates a complex range use tenure system.

Kenna Cartwright Park (KCP) is one of the largest (800 ha) urban parks in North America.  A diverse history of utilization combined with high levels of visitor use make management of invasive species in this park a complex task.  A variety of management tool have been utilized in KCP, many with dramatic effect.

On this field tour we will visit Lac Du Bois and discuss the grassland community types as well as water conservation and utilization issues.  After 'setting the stage' in Lac Du Bois, we will head to Kenna Cartwright Park to look at 'management in action'.These efforts include tree canopy thinning, biocontrol, goats, and fire.

Transportation and bagged lunch is included. This trip departs TRU at 9 am and returns by 2 pm.

A very special thanks to Thompson Rivers University for co-hosting the Invasive Species Research Forum 2017 with the Invasive Species Council of BC.